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We have served companies with as few as 3 and as many as 300,000 employees. We have vast experience with the needs of companies and have developed solutions that are affordable to even the smallest of them. We know that every investment, whether made by a Fortune 500 or a local mom-and-pop, has to return value. We take that into account when we propose solutions and have developed expertise in a wide range of applications so that we are not constrained to a few pieces of software. We can bring you the best solution at the most reasonable price.
Areas of our expertise include:

Linux Apache Web Server
PostgreSQL Database Oracle
Database Design Web Design
Java Java Server Pages
C and C++ Perl
PHP Python
Visual Basic Active Server Pages
Appgen Accounting Systems (Master VAR) MSDOS, Windows (95,98,NT,2000,XP)
Networking Firewalls
Samba FTP and Print Servers Virtual Private Networks